Meet the ‘We’ in WeContent



Born in a country devastated by civil war, Al’s odds for success were slim.. His tiny village near Monrovia in Liberia is not the most common source of top entrepreneurs.


When he was little, his mother gave him something to believe in. She told him that he would “Become A Big Man one day.” That simple yet very powerful statement shaped Al’s destiny and became the foundation for his business vision, guaranteeing that he would succeed against all adds. His mother’s words conditioned Al to firmly believe that he could achieve anything. Thus, he was able to pursue even his wildest dreams as an entrepreneur in Romania.


Today, a true Romanian from Maramures (a county in Northern Romania), as he calls himself, 20+ years after founding his own successful advertising agency and working for some of the world’s top companies, it’s time for his next challenge: building the first European content marketing platform, WeContent.



‘When Al asked me to help him create this platform I must admit I was a bit biased. An international platform for content marketing that started from Romania? Why there? What is their track record in content marketing? But then I thought: I know nothing about content marketing in Romania, or Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Italy, France… and so on. Then I figured I am probably not the only one lacking knowledge of people and cases in other European countries.


So if WeContent’s mission is to create a united platform to share, collaborate and learn from each other, then I definitely want to be a part of it. I want to get to know everybody, every case, every talent. And in my role as an interviewer and editor I get to that’.


So who is she? Carlijn Postma is an author and speaker in the field of content marketing. Her latest book, Binge Marketing, recently launched in English. Carlijn is the founder of The Post, content marketing agency in the Netherlands. For WeContent she will be the ‘content marketing conscious’ of all editorial articles published.


Carlijn is in her early 40’s, married to a professional musician. They have two beautiful daughters, Linde (2008) and Anne (2011) and they live in the east of the Netherlands in a small, but beautiful town called Zwolle. They have a cat called Lassie and 7 chickens named after movie heroes. If you have any questions regarding content marketing, her book or the chickens, don’t hesitate to e-mail her.