Meet the ‘We’ in WeContent



Born in a country devastated by civil war, Al’s odds for success were slim. His tiny village near Monrovia in Liberia is not renowned as a birthplace of top entrepreneurs. 

When he was little, his mother gave him something to believe in. She told him that he would “become a Big Man one day.” That simple yet very powerful statement shaped Al’s destiny and became the foundation for his business vision, pushing him to succeed against all odds. His mother’s words conditioned Al to believe that he could achieve anything. It meant he was able to pursue his wildest dreams as an entrepreneur in Romania. 

“Written words are very powerful, some of the most powerful tools to create movement. I don’t have the talent to create powerful words and stories but for those that do, they have the most powerful tool in their hands. WeContent can bring people together. It can contribute to creating the next generation of marketers and advertisers – we can give them a very powerful instrument.”  

Today, a true Romanian from Maramures (a county in Northern Romania), as he calls himself, 20+ years after founding his own successful advertising agency and working for some of the world’s top companies, it’s time for his next challenge: building the first European content marketing platform, WeContent.



‘When Al asked me to help him create this platform I must admit I was a bit biased. An international platform for content marketing that started from Romania? Why there? What is their track record in content marketing? But then I thought: I know nothing about content marketing in Romania, or Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Italy, France… and so on. Then I figured I am probably not the only one lacking knowledge of people and cases in other European countries.

So if WeContent’s mission is to create a united platform to share, collaborate and learn from each other, then I definitely want to be a part of it. I want to get to know everybody, every case, every talent. And in my role as an interviewer and editor I get to that’.

So who is she? Carlijn Postma is an author and speaker in the field of content marketing. Her latest book, Binge Marketing, recently launched in English. Carlijn is the founder of The Post, content marketing agency in the Netherlands. For WeContent she will be the ‘content marketing conscious’ of all editorial articles published.

Carlijn is in her early 40’s, married to a professional musician. They have two beautiful daughters, Linde (2008) and Anne (2011) and they live in the east of the Netherlands in a small, but beautiful town called Zwolle. They have a cat called Lassie and 7 chickens named after movie heroes. If you have any questions regarding content marketing, her book or the chickens, don’t hesitate to e-mail her.



Sonja is a content strategist and trainer, on a mission to get good ideas out into the world in the shape of valuable content. She co-authored the first UK book on content marketing – Valuable Content Marketing – with long-term collaborator Sharon Tanton back in 2013. Sonja was a headline speaker and trainer at the inaugural WeContent events, in 2018 and 2019.

“Ever since I spoke at the very first conference in Bucharest in 2018 I’ve been excited about WeContent. There is so much entrepreneurial drive, energy and content talent in Romania – I could feel it! It’s right that the project starts here.

I’ve been in content marketing for a long time. It’s an approach to communication that transforms businesses and drives real success. But there’s no one place for European content professionals to convene or learn what they need to build their careers and grow great businesses. That’s why WeContent exists – to push content marketing practice further in Europe, to connect our various content communities, and to give a new generation of content creators and marketers the skills and information they need to fly. I’m delighted to add my support.”



“I’m excited about the opportunities that WeContent is offering, and I know just who we are going to help. It’s people like me, fascinated by content and content marketing. We want to get better at our jobs. We don’t just have one role – we work as a marketing professional for an agency or brand, but we also have a side project, our own brand or website. It’s business and it’s personal too.” 

Sabina believes in the power of words to change minds. She loves writing, creating content and studying people’s behaviour. Her first content project started as a pink diary when she was 12, and she never looked back. When it was time to get a job, she was drawn to journalism, and later to copywriting and marketing. She started blogs and a podcast (about writing, of course), she’s working on a book (who isn’t?) and is on a mission to help people communicate better. 

WeContent fits her like a glove, because she believes great content is the path to getting your message across as a person or brand. As a content marketer herself, she has been missing something: fresh insights and information that is relevant to the European market. So she’s relishing the chance to have access to all that and to make it available to others. 

If you’re interested in becoming a WeContent blogger, get in touch with Sabina.



Armand’s story starts in Constanta, his beautiful hometown from the Romanian Black Sea coast. He moved to Bucharest for his studies in Communication, Public Relations and Marketing, and he continues to live here today, following a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing.

He’s more of a quiet type, not because he’s shy but because he prefers to talk only when there’s something valuable to say. He’s ambitious, altruistic and a perfectionist, who strives to do everything as good as possible – and he’s bringing these qualities to every aspect of his life. His main passions are football and MMA. And marketing, of course.

When he joined WeContent he saw it as an opportunity to do learn and grow and he’s ready to put in all the effort together with his colleagues to fulfill WeContent’s mission.