WeContent Days #3: How should brands communicate in the context of the war in Ukraine?

The end of March marked the third edition of WeContent Days, starring Carlijn Postma, author of Binge Marketing and founder of the Dutch content marketing agency The Post. The event that took place at Spaces Expo in Bucharest focused on less comfortable topics in the current global context, but useful to those who work in the field of communication.

Marketing, communication and PR specialists, copywriters, content creators, vloggers, bloggers, brand representatives and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to explore a sensitive area of ​​immediate news, that of the impact that the war so close to us has or can have on brands and on marketing in general.

As was expected with a sensitive but important topic as communication in times of crisis, the debate was lively and full of takewaways from everyone’s experience during a challenging global context.

One of the challenges launched at the event was to give more responsibility to brands to use their influence, because war is not just news, but a matter of life and death, which can affect us all directly or indirectly. And the stories that brands tell trigger the change that many want.

Should brands get involved in solving the world’s problems? If so, how far should they go? Is it better to have a neutral or small-scale communication about a crisis or not to communicate at all? These were just some of the topics that were at the heart of the debate.

Brands are global democracies. People can choose, every day, what brands they like, what values ​​they support. And that goes even further than a country’s borders. An aggressive and intrusive thing is happening now on European soil: the war in Ukraine, and the brands present in Russia have had to decide: to withdraw or stay for their consumers. Regardless of the decision, they must take responsibility. And this should not only mean leaving Russia or not, but a reasoned decision, honestly and openly communicated. People can change the world, and brands can fire start it. Every change starts with valuable content“, said Carlijn Postma, writer, speaker and content marketing strategist.

Carlijn Postma was joined on stage by Adrian Enache, CEO of OmniPERFORM, who discussed changes in the way companies promote themselves in difficult times, when both budgets and messaging must adapt to a new socio-economic reality.

During the event, Al Kamara, CEO of WeContent, spoke about the motivation behind the creation of the wecontent.eu content marketing platform, designed to unite creative minds, experts and brands passionate about content marketing. Its aim is to unite the fragmented European content marketing market in one voice, with the aim of helping brands grow their revenue and educating content creators to tell stories with an effective message.

To overcome this period and for brands to reinvent themselves, we need openness and creativity. The WeContent platform, through its blog and what it is going to develop, but also through its events, aims to help brands and content creators discover new methods of promotion and growth. Inspired by each other, from international markets and accessing the expertise of some of the most well-known content marketers in Europe and around the world, we will be able to recalibrate. The language of marketing used now, when the war is in full swing, but especially the one we will have to approach after the war is a new one, which will take into account many variables and uncertain aspects, and only with combined experience will we make brands creates new communication and content levers”, says Al Kamara, CEO of WeContent.

Watch this video summary of the event.

The third edition of WeContent Days was supported by HEINEKEN Romania.

WeContent Days brings together local and international content marketing experts with content professionals, brands, and agencies for discussions around relevant topics for the industry. Participants have the opportunity to interact with top content marketing speakers, authors and consultants that work with the world’s biggest brands. They learn with relevant insights, tailored to their brands, during the panel discussions and the masterclass sessions that are part of the event. Discussions are followed by networking in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

WeContent Days is part of WeContent’s mission to support and promote the practice of content marketing across Europe, to upskill and inspire a new generation of content marketers, and to connect and unite the European content community.

See more photos from WeContent Days #3, read about the takeaways from WeContent Days #4 and stay tuned for news about future events.


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