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Breaking the bubble: Deep digital engagements beyond the West

How does digital behaviour of the next billion users, the emerging demographic of first-time internet and mobile users from non-western contexts shape global content and why does that matter for the future of content marketing across borders? To stay competitive and ahead of the curve, it is essential to rethink common assumptions of your audience and your marketing approaches and ask yourself – is this really the story I want to tell.

In this VIP Masterclass, you will:

  • Immerse in a reflective exercise that helps map your approach, your audience, preferred narratives, and platforms, identifying what aspects are currently cross-cultural in nature.
  • Engage in a speculative fiction teamwork of ‘What Ifs’ to envision cross-cultural content marketing that can connect with the next billion user demographic
  • Reassess and share a content marketing bubble you’d like to break and why.


  • Narratives: Learn about cross-cultural content marketing, bottom of the pyramid content marketing and glocalization of digital content that can result in open-ended, flexible, and yet cohesive digital storytelling
  • Networks: Assess the potential of co-production in your content marketing campaigns, that can allow you to leap into the unknown by being grounded with the right kinds of relationship building online. What kind of networks do you need to help your content flow across cultural borders, and which are the best channels and contexts that can provide a home away from home
  • Notions: Engage with disruptive ideas that challenge conventional wisdom by getting out of your comfort zone of traditional narratives, audiences, and behaviours through specific next billion user case studies

The VIP + Masterclass Ticket includes:

  • All the benefits of the 2-Day Festival Pass + VIP experience
  • Front seat at the Main Stage
  • VIP Masterclass with Payal Arora, world-renowned anthropologist, speaker, and author
  • Access to the VIP Lounge, including coffee, drinks & snacks
  • Unique opportunity to interact 1-1 with Europe’s top content marketing innovators

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