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The Fat Lady, on a mission to be the best content marketing agency in Belgium

Too much content passes like a ship in the night, when what we all want is fire works.

Located at the waterfront, next to a park, in Ghent, Belgium, The Fat Lady creates content that challenges the status quo, in order to be noticed and get results.

The Journey to Outstanding Quality Content

The agency found its origin in 2015, with the merger of an ad agency (‘Markee’) and a customer publishing studio (‘Het Salon’). This focus on creativity, combined with journalistic skills has been the killer combination, that got us where we are now.

The Fat Lady is still independent, but has a growing group of suitors that want to get in bed with us.

Our mission: to become the best content marketing agency in Belgium, which we more or less reached with our award of ‘content marketing agency of the year’. 

Creating outstanding quality content has always been our main focus. This last year we have seen an increasing demand amongst our clients on help with strategy and organisation. A good thing, it means marketing departments are taking content marketing more seriously.

We operate on an international level, with clients spanning over Europe.

Proud of Reconnecting Students

We’re proud of a project we did for Ghent University. Students were not allowed to attend classes, because of Covid. Everybody was feeling deserted and locked up. We used their iconic building to post (virtual) New Year’s messages on and share on social media. In a few days the project went viral and was even in some national newspapers.

Team, Clients & Future

We are a full service content marketing agency, meaning with the 21 people involved we have all the skills available to go from strategy to content creation in any possible form (text, audio, video, design) and distribution.

Our open office has a ‘work’ and ‘play’ part, which allows people to choose the spot that best fits their mood or circumstances to have meetings or work.

We work merely for big brands, as well in B2C, B2B as increasingly in B2E (business to employer).

Interestingly the walls between these fields are crumbling down. 

We try to keep growth contained to a yearly +25%, as we want to take time to properly train and immerse people in our way of thinking and working. 


Pauline Lannoo (Strategist) on the growing importance of metrics: content marketing gets a more prominent role in the whole marketing mix. A bigger importance leads to a bigger demand on justification and KPI’s.

But what metrics are important to measure?

CMI’s research indicates that 81% of marketers state conversion as the number one metric. If we want to use content marketing for its merits, being a method to build relationships and – eventually – capitalise on them, there are metrics like content consumption and engagement rate that will be more important to measure the effect of our content.

Koen Denolf, a content marketing prophet, innovator, and content strategist for The Fat Lady agency, is coming to WeContent Festival 2022 to challenge the status quo and blow our minds.

“It is great fun to create big content campaigns, working on awareness, but at the end of the day we want to see results. Brands should spend more time on hosting visitors on their website or content platform and leading them – with smart content – to conversions”.

Watch this message from Koen himself for the WeContent community and grab your spot for his masterclass on using creativity to spark fireworks and see results.


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