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How the Ukrainian PR and marketing community united to speak up the truth 

By definition, competition defines the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. And it was a fruitful process in Ukrainian media in general and the IT sector in particular, with ups and downs, leaders and outsiders. The competition was tough, until February 24, 2022. 

Since the beginning of russian invasion, heavy shelling, and bombing of peaceful cities the competitive marketing, PR, and content community in Ukraine united to defeat one mutual enemy – russia, its propaganda, and lies. 

In this article, you will find out how we united to share the truth, why we do it, and how you can join. 

What we do as a community 

In early March 2022, the IT PR Squad initiative group was established. PR and SMM Managers, as well as Content Writers,  joined this initiative to strengthen communication and inform the Western community about our IT industry, as well as to respond quickly to inquiries from Ukrainian and foreign journalists about this war, and how the business works, and support the employees. 

We also launched a new global conversation: a series of Online Webinars to raise awareness on how we can unite and take action to support Ukraine together. What’s in? There are personal stories from our guest speakers about their experience, resilience, and readiness to defend their country at different forefronts. 

Damaged CHI Software office building after bombardment in Kharkiv. Source:

Fighting differs. One fights with a military weapon on the battlefields, while others use another kind of weapon: work to keep the economy moving, and words to share the truth. One of such frontlines is the Ukrainian IT sector which unites almost 300,000 IT professionals who continue to do what they know best, wherever they are and under any circumstances. 

This unbreakable spirit has become widely known today as the Spirit of Ukraine.

We also launched a series of publications on the contribution of the IT Association’s companies to the victory of Ukraine. The member companies:

  • provide a brief description of projects implemented during the war (staff support, humanitarian aid, support for the Armed Forces, etc.), and truthful figures (amount of funding, number of people who received assistance, etc.).

International media giants like The Economist, Time, The Guardian, Forbes, Gazeta Polska, etc., have already dedicated their covers and spreads to Ukrainian issues. Indeed, the whole world is seeking truth. We have created a page with international media inquiries about the war, i.e. tips on doing business during the war, how to adapt the business and people to the new reality, etc. 

How it works: we have collected the queries journalists publish from all over the globe and we hope it will help share Ukraine-related topics and the truth behind this war. You can find the query page here and step in.

CHI Software office in Lviv. Source:

Why we do it 

We see the main aims of such united communication and cooperation to be the following:

1. To support the IT industry in foreign markets and within the country. 

We broadcast a message to the Western audience about the extraordinary stability and adaptability of Ukrainian IT companies, and their professionalism. Indeed, the industry is stable, despite the circumstances. We broadcast a message to the internal audience about the value of the contribution of IT professionals in financing the country and the volunteer movement.

2. To raise funds for humanitarian needs.

Still, one of the main tasks set by the IT Ukraine Association and IT PR Squad: strengthening the messages of the value of the IT industry for Ukraine through numbers, facts, stories + access to an influential foreign audience (community or media)

3. And, of course, to share the real truth behind this war, russian propaganda aside. One of our core aims is to show the European audience the truth about this war and share facts, numbers, and statistics. We strongly believe that the media is another massive battlefield in this war and russia plays dirty here.  

How the international PR community can help

Today we live in the age when people, businesses, and governments understand the power of the words, their ability to influence, persuade, heal, and even kill. Still, one of the most serious weapons of the 21st century is a word powered by the truth. We always speak the truth, sometimes ugly and scary, but nevertheless, the truth the world must know and react to. 

And we invite the European community of writers to join us and help us spread the truthful words about this war, about our heroic army, people, and businesses who do not give up and fight the aggressor. 

Feel the free Spirit of Ukraine, join us and let’s speak up the truth to win. 


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