Jon Burkhart’s Masterclass – Different Is Better than Better

I heard this quote recently, throughout Jay Baer’s presentation at WeContent 2019 and I felt quite gratified for doing something right for the most part of my life. Taking aside the fact that being noticed was not my target on this Earth, you will realize that in this everchanging, always on the run and impatient world, being different is the answer for being noticed. To illustrate the point in question you had to attend Jon Burkhart’s Masterclass on “Firecracker Storytelling: Creating Widly Loyal Fans with Brave, Ballsy Content”.

Besides the fact that Jon brings a bag of stress balls to this (by the way, this is an excellent strategy, Jon!) he is also expansive, talks a lot, even stands on chairs, yet you need to imagine that atmosphere was consistently excellent. Jon discussed about “sharing the emotion” and the laws of storytelling. If you were not familiar with the word “newsjacking” you would’ve found out that such a concept involves a real genius of real time advertising.

It is important to get public’s attention with ballsy content and the 6 questions that will help you with this are: Is it brave? Is it actionable? Is it likeable? Is it long lasting? Is it surprising? and finally Is it you-centric? According to statistics, the needed soft skills to be hired by a marketing department are creativity, leadership skills, curiosity and emotional intelligence. For a better collaborative storytelling, Jon recommends embracing your strengths, followed by the embrace of your quirks, then the embrace your co-worker’s strengths and finally embracing your co-worker’s quirks.

Among his Firecracker ideas, empathy is key and according to Jon, “If it doesn’t make people care, share or swear… it’s boring”. You have “ABT (and, but, therefore) Storytelling” and your top challenge is to create engaging content. A firecracker questions is a truth known by everyone, yet something that people is always afraid to ask. The key to your UVP (ultimate value proposition) is to not talk about your brand for success and in my humble opinion, this was the essence of such an amazing masterclass.

All these were key elements in Jon Burkhart’s Masterclass which ended with participants throwing stress balls at each other, while Jon tried to protect everyone and obviously, 1 hour and a 15 minutes delay from the initial schedule. Thank you, Jon, for a lovely November Friday.


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