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Why is creating good content so hard?

We’ll show you how to make it just that little bit easier.

Good content has never mattered more

Content is the new connector: the way we establish and build relationships with our buyers, our customers, our community, to get our businesses known, liked, trusted and remembered when the time is right to buy (or buy again). 

Covid has only accelerated content’s importance. In our pandemic-ridden world, most services are online and all good marketing IS content marketing. 

Good content matters like never before. 

If you’re creating content for a business, a brand or working for an agency’s clients, the pressure to deliver quality content is on the up. You can do it, but it’s hard. 

We know this from our own experience. We’ve been creating our own content for years – it’s built our business – helped to get us known all over the world, to sell our books, our workshops, our services. It’s been key to our success. But we’ve also created content for many different types of clients over the years. It’s a challenge we’ve relished, a job we love, but it’s not an easy one! 

Here’s what we’ve learned along the way – why creating quality content – valuable content as we call it – is so hard, and a few things that help make it all that little bit easier. 

Good content is hard. Why? 

Because it’s an art and a science

There are a lot of moving parts involved in creating good content. The best content is strategic – it helps you reach your business goals, but it also sparks something in the audience – it’s emotional. It can be surprising, or compelling or just super useful.  Nerdy and creative, creating good content is a science and an art. 

Because expectations have increased

  • It must be on brand, accessible, customer-focused, well-designed, optimised for SEO.
  • It must meet user needs, business needs, and generate results. 
  • It can’t take too long. It can’t cost too much. 

Because the competition is fierce

There are some fantastic content creators out there, and the competition for attention is fiercer than ever. We’re all living online, and all human experience is there. Whatever you want to know, watch, see, hear, explore is only a click away. Your content needs to compete with it all. 

Because creating quality content is a team sport, not an individual act

Creating good content is a collaborative process. You’ll need to involve others in the business. You cannot create it alone. 

  • You’ll need to understand the specific goals for the content you’ve been asked to create, and how it fits into the overall strategy. This means liaising with those leading the business, those who understand the business development aims to understand who it’s for and why it’s needed. Where is the reader in the buying journey and what actions and results are expected? 
  • You’ll need to research what the business wants to say. This means unlocking the knowledge inside the business, interviewing busy experts to extract and translate what they know, and finding the data and stories to back up your ideas.  
  • You’ll need to make sure it’s well designed. You’ll liaise with designers, sourcing relevant and interesting illustrations, making sure it’s perfectly presented on the page. 
  • You’ll need to make sure it is signed off. This means going back around the houses to those you’ve liaised with and getting agreement that it’s good to go. 

Getting the buy-in of others in the business, building their understanding of the need for and qualities of quality content and what’s required, makes all the difference. Collaboration is key. 

Because success isn’t just about creation

Success with content marketing doesn’t just depend on creating fantastic content. It’s what you do with it that counts. 

A key piece of content needs a launch plan. Who’s posting it? How are you tagging it? Who are you sending it to? Where are you sharing it? How are you talking about it on social media? How are you promoting it inside the business?

All these elements need to be built into your content creation process. So there’s certainly a lot to do.

But there are ways to make it easier. Here are 10 things you can do to make the process run more smoothly, and deliver better results too.

10 things you can do to make creating good content that little bit easier:

  • Educate the business on why good content matters, what it takes (for example, why helping over selling is the aim) and how they can play their part. 
  • Plan before you write (or create) it. Spend as much time planning as you do on creation. And get this plan signed off in advance.  
  • Book in time with the people you need to interview. 
  • Talk to your designer. Get them enthused about the content so design becomes part of the process. Enlist their involvement from the start (their creative ideas will improve the content no end). 
  • Block out proper time to research, write and edit. 
  • Find a writing buddy. Someone you can write with or alongside. Someone who you trust to give you good feedback. 
  • Share your publication plan along with the draft of the article. Get people excited about where this content could take you and the business. 
  • Limit the number of people needed for sign off – preferably only the person who signed off the plan!
  • Track results, so you can show the business how it’s working, refine, and improve.
  • Share the content internally, as well as externally. Share content success stories with the team – so they’re even keener to collaborate and play their part. 

Creating quality content is hard work, but it’s fun and rewarding too. We hope these ideas help to make the process smoother. 

What makes it hard for you, and what do you enjoy about it? Have you discovered any hacks for making the process more simple? 

Please share them! Email us – we’d love to know


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