About WeContent

Our mission

WeContent is on a mission to bring European content marketing stories together. Who are the game changers in Europe? What is their biggest idea? And what are their main challenges? Inspiration shared through interviews with thought leaders.

You will also find great cases from different European countries. Our editors dive into the question: What are they doing in Poland or Italy regarding content marketing? Are there any interesting cases in Germany we can learn from? And just as obvious as it may be surprising, what makes a German case a German case? Can or can’t it be applied in Romania or Czech Republic? What are the similarities and what are the differences?

Why A Content Marketing Platform?

Europe is fragmented. There are many different languages, cultures and even currencies. Nevertheless, there is a need for a kind of ‘common knowledge’ about content marketing. Many countries have their own content marketing association or something close to an association. They also have their own conferences and content marketing awards. Everyone is working primarily between their own borders. Especially in times of crises. And this is where WeContent fits the scene. As a Platform, as a knowledge institute and as a partner. Not because WeContent owns all knowledge, but because it has funding, time and partners to go out searching for knowledge across borders.