About WeContent

Our mission

WeContent is the first European content marketing platform that informes, inspires and educates within the field of content marketing. By creating a European community and giving the stage to thought leaders, game changers and content marketing case studies, WeContent contributes to professionalizing the field of content marketing in Europe.

Why is WeContent relevant

Europe is fragmented. There are many different languages, cultures and even currencies. Nevertheless, there is a need for a kind of ‘common knowledge’ about content marketing. Many countries have their own content marketing association or something close to an association. They also have their own conferences and content marketing awards. Everyone is working primarily between their own borders. Especially in times of crises. And this is where WeContent fits the scene. As a Platform, as a knowledge institute and as a partner. Not because WeContent owns all knowledge, but because it has time and partners to go out searching for knowledge across borders.

Who is WeContent

WeContent is an initiative of WeContent Conference. Al Kamara, ceo of Wave Division, started the initiative. Carlijn Postma, founder of the Dutch content marketing agency The Post, author and speaker is on our board of advice as our content marketing conscience. We are looking for more ambitious people from various European countries. If you are interested, please join us join us.

Join us

We are looking for thought leaders from all over Europe to join WeContent on its mission. Do you know someone in your country or region who should be included in this journey, please let us know.

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The People behind WeContent

Owner WeContent

Al Kamara
Al KamaraCEO Wave Division, initiator WeContent, author & speaker
Al Kamara served hundreds of business professionals over the last two-plus decades, accompanying them on their journey to achieve success. While working with them, he created and developed a powerful concept: “The Seven Powerful Mindsets”. These mindsets have been the basis of my services to organizations like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, McDonald’s, Nike, and Vodafone since 2000. The mindsets Al has developed have ensured that their brand messages achieved the highest impact and return on their investment.
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